Father Josef's ​Method of Reflexology

Our Service Mission and Dedication

The purpose of this organization is: 

  • To train professional Reflexologists in Father Josef's Method of Reflexology (FJM) as a part of their continuing education program.
  • To educate the general public regarding the health benefits of Reflexology through self-help seminars, media and publications, using the Father Josef's Method of Reflexology (FJM).
  • To develop an independent forum for an exchange of healing knowledge and experiences between professionals in the United States and the Pacific Rim countries.
  • To support the educational work of the various Reflexology state associations through cooperative seminars.

FJM strongly supports Reflexology Association of America (RAA) and State organizations, that promote healing properties of Reflexology through use of hands because of the healing contribution human touch can offer. FJM being a provider approved by ARCB for 12 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) totally agrees with ARCB policy on testing and approving hands techniques as a basis of Reflexology. The use of tools at FJM workshop is intended for self-help, and encouraged during a client session on a limited basis, as an adjunct technique, and not in the place of basic and advanced hand techniques, that are mostly taught and tested at FJM workshops.  Strong practitioner discretion is advised, as FJM does not carry liability for such application. FJM encourages unity in the profession and invites all practicing reflexologists to join RAA at this time as the National Institutes of Health's Office of Complementary and Integrative Health continues to examine the effectiveness of all complementary and alternative modalities.